Oil Changes in Buffalo, MN

Routine oil changes are essential to the life of your car. Oil changes by Buffalo Automotive and Alignment boost engine performance, prevent dirt and debris from contaminating your engine and reduce harmful emissions.

Air Conditioning

Is your air conditioning system pumping out warm air or no air at all? There are a few possible causes of your air conditioner problems, including the compressor, Freon levels and expansion valve issues. Bring your vehicle to Buffalo Automotive and Alignment to diagnose and resolve you air conditioner issues.

Driveability Problems

Drivability problems could be the result of bad tires, improper alignment, worn CV joints, power steering issues or other factors. If your ride along the Buffalo, MN, streets isn't smooth and controlled, bring your vehicle in to Buffalo Automotive and Alignment.

Tune - Ups

Stay ahead of automotive issues with routine tune-up services from Buffalo Automotive and Alignment. Flushing fluids, replacing dirty filters and inspecting your vehicle's components for wear and tear are the best ways to prolong the life of your vehicle and ensure a smooth, efficient ride.

Suspension Work

If you're feeling the potholes on the Buffalo, MN, roads a little more than you used to, you may need suspension work by Buffalo Automotive and Alignment. Call today for expert service on your shocks, struts and springs on nearly all makes and models.


Wheel alignments are one of the best ways to ensure a smooth ride with minimal wear on your tires. Ensuring proper alignment will also help maximize your vehicle's gas mileage. Enjoy a smooth ride, less wear on your tires and better fuel efficiency with alignment services in Buffalo, MN, from Buffalo Automotive and Alignment.

Drive Line Problems

Hearing sounds or feeling vibrations as your accelerate or decelerate could mean issues with your drive line. This could be the result of worn U-joints or your driveshaft may be out of balance. Such issues effect your control of the vehicle and could lead to major damage. Bring your vehicle in to Buffalo Automotive and Alignment today for drive line repairs in Buffalo, MN.

Electrical Issues

Sometimes electrical issues are as simple as replacing a fuse. Sometimes electrical issues immobilize your vehicle and require extensive repairs. If you're experiencing electrical issues in your vehicle, call Buffalo Automotive and Alignment for fast and reliable auto repairs in Buffalo, MN.

Transmission Servicing

Transmission flushes and fluid changes help maintain smooth operation and prevents dirt and debris buildups in your gearbox. We service automatic and manual transmission systems.
Note: We do not perform transmission repairs